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Course Catalog For Online Vascular Access Nurse Training Courses and Pics Training Bundles adult certification course picc

The course catalog is divided into multiple sections: Site Licensing, Discounted Course Bundles, PICC Insertion Training, Ultrasound Training, Infection Prevention Training, Peripheral IV Training, Site/Device Care and Maintenance, Instructor Training, Adult Workshops, Pediatric/Neonatal Workshops, and Location: 401 E. Howell St, 30643, GA.

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PICC Certification vs. PICC Qualification what is the difference? of “PICC Certification” they are in essence requesting documentation of the successful completion of a formal PICC education course, as well as the precepting of skills and verification of competency .

PICC, IV and phlebotomy training classes onsite or our site. PICC Line Insertion, Midline Insertion, Short IV insertion, IV Refresher, PICC & Midline Care & Maintenance, Central Line Care & Maintenance, and Phlebotomy classes. Precepting available.