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25 Creative Winter Fundraising Ideas | Classy adult fundraisers by holidays

Our Classy approved 25 quick fundraising ideas for your nonprofit or charity. Raise money fast with any of these fun, quirky and quick fundraising ideas. You can schedule the event around a cause awareness day, holiday, or pop culture event. 25 Quick Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits and CharityAuthor: Elizabeth Chung.

On average, over 30% of a nonprofit’s donations come in during the month of December, which is why holiday fundraising is so important for nonprofits and charities. This year, try a new fundraiser like one of the options listed above to engage your supporters and bring in those dollars!

Polar Bear Plunge. The polar bear plunge has been a popular fundraising idea for years—and the best part is nonprofits, churches, and even individuals can organize an event like this to raise money. Since many of the holidays occur during the winter, the polar bear plunge is the perfect event to host.

200 Inventive Fundraising Ideas The Ultimate Step By Step Guide (2018 Update) The successful beginning of any fundraising event begins with a creative idea that not only can generate revenue, but will also excite both the donors and the volunteers.