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You may be wondering about Maltipoo size if you're thinking about getting one of these amazing hybrid dogs. Or, maybe you already have a Maltipoo; if you have a puppy you may be curious just how big your Maltipoo will grow to be and if you have an adult you may want to know how your little guy or gal compares to other Maltipoos.

Princess Starr the Malti-Poo at 1 year old— "I have a very special Malti-Poo. Her name is Princess Starr aka Starr. Starr came to us when she was 10 months old. We are her 3rd family and her last!! She is ½ Maltese and ½ Poodle with the softest coat ever.

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As you can see from any picture of Maltipoo puppy or dogs here, no 1 is alike, just like snowflakes! There is such a wide range of colors and with the adult weight range being between 5 and 12 pounds (2.27 to 5.44 kg), each has its own distinct look.