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Jun 22, 2012 · There is no cure for PKU, but treatment can prevent intellectual disabilities and other health problems. 1 A person with PKU should receive treatment at a medical center that specializes in the disorder. (Visit the Resources and Publications section for ways to .

The adult PKU treatment you’ve been looking for. Have you been struggling to lower your Phe levels? PALYNZIQ may be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. For adults with Phe levels >600 micromol/L, PALYNZIQ may help you reach your Phe target with fewer diet restrictions.

Phenylketonuria is a recessively inherited metabolic disorder which, unless it is treated early enough with a phenylalanine-restricted diet, leads to severe intellectual disabilities. 1 The overall prevalence of phenylketonuria in the UK is about 1 per 10 000 2 and published guidelines suggest that treatment needs to be early and lifelong. 3 Cited by: 14.

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