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climara transgender

Jun 04, 2019 · Climara is a skin patch that contains an estrogen called estradiol. Estrogens are female sex hormones produced by the ovaries. Estrogens are necessary for many processes in the body.6.3/10.

TRANSGENDER CARE: SUGGESTED HORMONE REGIMENS Male-to-Female: Estrogens: Estradiol (Estrace®), 6 - 8 mg PO or sublingual qD (divided doses); or Conjugated estrogens (Premarin®), 5 mg PO qD (divided doses); or Estradiol (e.g., Climara®,) two 0.1 mg patches, changed weekly; or Estradiol valerate, 20 mg IM q two weeks.

Oct 29, 2015 · Edited to add: the adhesion/ease of use will vary depending on brand - I started with Estradot 2/week and it stuck well just about anywhere, but now I've switched to Climara 1/week and it doesn't ever seem to manage to stick well for longer than 4-5 days anywhere on my ass - .