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The Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale (AMAS) consists of three different instruments: the AMAS-A (for adults), the AMAS-C (for college students), and the AMAS-E (for the elderly). The AMAS-A is intended for use in evaluating the level of anxiety experienced by individuals across the age spectrum from early adulthood to late middle age. It is.

Manifest Anxiety Scale. Instructions: The statements below inquire about your behavior and emotions. Consider each statement carefully. Then indicate whether the statements are generally true or false for you. Record your response (check true or false) in the spaces provided. 1.

The Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale ™, Second Edition (is an important first step in assessing and treating anxious children.This test quickly identifies the source and level of anxiety in children so that steps can be taken to reduce stress levels.

Developed by the authors of the highly regarded Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale, Second Edition (RCMAS-2), this self-report inventory measures the level and nature of anxiety in adults. The AMAS incorporates the best attributes of the RCMAS-2 while adding age-appropriate item content and scales for three different stages of adult life.