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Nov 08, 2017 · Hyperdontia is a condition that causes too many teeth to grow in your mouth. These extra teeth are sometimes called supernumerary teeth. They Author: Tim Jewell.

Supernumerary teeth also known as hyperdontia, is the condition where more than normal number of teeth are present. When the extra tooth is present in deciduous dentition that is the primary dentition or in permanent dentition than these specific extra teeth are called as supernumerary teeth.

May 19, 2016 · Removal of Extra teeth. The complete treatment procedure of hyperdontia involves the removal of the extra tooth or teeth by the dentist in Apex as soon as possible. Oral surgery may be required depending on the position of the extra teeth. Tooth extraction is done under local or general anesthesia depending on how severe the problem is.

If the extra teeth or supernumerary teeth are discovered early and are removed, the central incisor (upper front tooth) has a chance to come down spontaneously. Just like other teeth the extra teeth become larger. When the roots are longer and the crowns become larger they take up more space in the bone.