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Aug 08, 2016 · Medication Summary. This is the classic appearance of a girl with a cloacal malformation with a single perineal orifice. The genitals appear quite short, which is a finding consistent with cloaca. Fourchette fistula. This malformation is somewhere halfway between perineal fistula and vestibular fistula.

Imperforate anus may occur in several forms: The rectum may end in a pouch that does not connect with the colon. The rectum may have openings to other structures. These may include the urethra, bladder, base of the penis or scrotum in boys, or vagina in girls. There may be narrowing (stenosis) of the anus or no anus.

Imperforate anus symptoms may include absence of the first stool within 24 to 48 hours after birth, no anal opening, anal opening in an abnormal place, stool coming out from the vagina, base of penis, scrotum, or urethra, and/or swollen belly. Most children with an anorectal malformation are identified upon routine newborn physical examination.

Imperforate Anus Treatment. If the intestine ends high in the pelvis, treatment usually involves three procedures: In a procedure called a colostomy, a stoma — an opening on the abdomen where the intestine is brought out to the skin — is created. Stool passes out the opening into a special stoma bag worn on the outside of the body, on the abdomen.