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This post describes strategies to help someone with a mental illness who doesn't want help.) This is not only your adult child’s journey, but the entire family also embarks on it together.

Mar 14, 2018 · Most young adults with a mental illness can learn to successfully manage their symptoms and enjoy meaningful lives in their communities. Many young adults with a mental illness can finish college, enter the workforce, or contribute to causes they care about through volunteering.

Oct 07, 2014 · Should I Allow My Adult Child with Mental Illness to Move Back into My Home? As parents we are often faced with the challenging decision as to how to best support our adult children. How much help is too much help? How do we decide when we are helping and when we are hurting the growth and maturity process that we so desire in our children?

Want more great YA books about mental illness? Try these teen books about depression, YA books about social anxiety, and these 100 must-read books about mental illness (many of which are great for teen YA readers, as well as adult YA readers).Author: Kelly Jensen.