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1 Abbreviations for Sexual Relationship Power Scale relationship and sexual power scale

Each of the 23 items in the two subscales was scored on a 4-point Likert scale, with 1 = strongly agree, 2 = agree, 3 = disagree, and 4 = strongly disagree. High scores represent high sexual relationship power. Certain items were reverse-scored if high scores would reflect low sexual relationship power.

The Sexual Relationship Power Scale (SRPS) is a 23-item, theoretically based and validated measure of relationship power dynamics. It contains two subscales, which can be used separately or combined, depending upon research requirements.

The Sexual Relationship Power Scale is a combination of two subscale scores that are first calculated separately. After summing item scores within each subscale, the Relationship Control subscale ranges from 15 to 60 and the Decision-Making Dominance subscale ranges from 8 to 24.

PDF | The lack of negotiation power is a key factor in unsafe sexual behaviors in couples. Pulerwitz, Gortmaker, and De Jong (2000) developed the Sexual Relationship Power Scale (SRPS) in English.