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Jul 17, 2018 · When ejaculation occurs, sperm is forcefully expelled from the tail of the epididymis into the deferent duct. Sperm then travels through the deferent duct through up the spermatic cord into the pelvic cavity, over the ureter to the prostate behind the bladder.

Sperm pathway. Semen passes through the prostate gland. Prostate gland adds neutral fluid to semen which protects sperm from acidic environment of vagina.

Sperm is produced is the TESTES, which is the real start of the pathway of sperm. 3. Then it moves to the EPIDIDYMUS where it is stored until it is matured. 4. After that, it is transported through the vas deferens. 5. After going through the vas deferens, it gets nutrients and .

Ejaculatory pathway of sperm (mnemonic) Dr Daniel J Bell and Dr Owen Kang et al. A useful mnemonic to remember the ejaculatory pathway of sperm is.