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Chuck Grassley, your classic asshole politician – like sick horses charles grassley ass

Mar 24, 2010 · Chuck Grassley, your classic asshole politician. How these people manage to live with themselves is a mystery. Chuck Grassley flip-flopped all over the place on critical healthcare issues for most of 2009. But then the townhall screamers and racists starting making headlines in late Summer. Being a spineless politician he thought he saw a sure.

Man, that Senior Senator’s Ass is Grassley for sure, his constituents will duly vote his ass out of the Senate! by Dr Bunnygirl October 05, 2018. 4 2. Get a Ass is Grassley mug for your cat Manley. Senator Chuck Grassley’s new nickname after the Kavanaugh debacle.

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Chuck Grassely Is A Piece of Shit Officially awarded the total piece of shit award on 12/1/17 Senator Grassley is an 84 year old piece of shit. Sadly, he is emblematic of what the Republican party has become. Grassley has always been a career piece of shit. But what gets this piece of shit on our current web site piece of shit list?