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Glory hole, in glassblowing, the second furnace used for reheating; Glory hole, in underground mining, a surface depression produced by block caving; Glory hole, an uncontrolled spillway design; Other uses. Glory hole (sexual slang), a hole in a wall, or other partition, through which people engage in .

Short hole mining is similar to development mining, except that it occurs in ore. There are several different methods of long hole mining. Typically, long hole mining requires two excavations within the ore at different elevations below surface, (15 m – 30 m apart). Holes are drilled between the two excavations and loaded with explosives.

Glory hole (petroleum production) A glory hole is an unofficial term for a big and inspiring mine excavation open to the layer. The term may mean any one of a number of things: A deep mine shaft.-An open-pit mine.-In the block caving process of underground mining, ore subsides from above into a mine burrow.

Sep 10, 2019 · A "glory hole" is a term used in the mining industry to describe several different types of excavations that commonly occur during the process of creating an open pit, drilling a mine shaft, or using the block caving method of creating and managing a mine. Most methods of underground mining are likely to produce some sort of glory hole, although this type of open excavation can also be part of.