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Breast Lumps: Cancerous vs. Non-Cancerous breast lumps not detected on ultrasound

lump doesn't show up on ultrasound tkm6334. I found a small thin oblong lump in my right breast in October. On Tuesday my doctor recommened that I go get an ultrasound done because there are a few questionable lumps on my right breast. Unfortunately, I could not get an appointment until next Thursday. I am the biggest worrier.

Some are not found until a physical or imaging exam. Most breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous). Your doctor will likely perform a physical exam to evaluate a breast lump. To determine whether that lump is benign, your doctor will likely order a mammogram and breast ultrasound. In addition, breast MRI, PET/CT or scintimammography may be obtained.

Jun 14, 2019 · The quick answer to your question is that not all breast lumps do show up on ultrasound. Ultrasound is a very useful tool in helping to diagnose the nature of many breast cancers, but if it does not show up a palpable breast lump (one that you can feel) other tests such as a mammogram or MRI may need to be done.

reasons why a lump would not be detected on ultrasound? metalgirl70. As I have been reading here for the past few weeks, it appears that several ladies have breast lumps that are not being picked up on an ultrasound. I am also included in this, as my lump which is fairly superficial on the underside of the breast and about 1/2" in size was not.