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are midget babies the same size as normal babies? | Yahoo Answers midget infants

Jul 27, 2017 · Weight Loss in Infants at 1 Month; Home Family Health. Signs Your Baby Is a Dwarf. Parents of small babies often wonder if there are signs and symptoms of dwarfism. Knowing what to look for can help you determine whether or not your baby is a little on the small side, or showing signs of one of the more than 200 medical disorders that can cause.

Dwarfism is a child development disorder affecting children across the world. Hormone deficiency along with many other factors is responsible for this condition. .

Many infants with the condition are stillborn. Turner syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality occurring only in females in whom one of the X chromosomes is missing or defective. Girls with Turner syndrome are usually between 4.5 and 5 feet (137–152 cm) tall. Midget —An individual who is short statured but has normal body proportions. The.

Feb 29, 2008 · Best Answer: That totally depends on what type of dwarfism they have. Some will be much smaller, and others will be shorter in length but still average weight. There isn't really a blanket answer for that since there are so many different kinds of dwarfism and every baby is different.Status: Open.