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I, This boat is the famous FATAL ATTRACTION one of the most feared and fastest drag boat of all time, world record at 235 mph in the ih. 1972 DiMarco 18′ flat bottom Casale v-drive, water cooled. 454/450 hp Chev, mostly stock, has Isky cam, intake & carbs with vertex mag. 12 qt custom oil pan double pedal and locking handle p.

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Boats For Sale. Click the photo or text below to see more information and photos. 1986 Spitfire. Deck Flat Bottom 1988 Custom Horizon. 1974 Campbell River Day Cruiser 1970 Sanger Ski & Drag Boat. 1996 Cheyenne. 1977 Sanger Hydro. Rare 1969 Verkamp. New Cole TR6 Runner Bottom. 1976 Hondo GT.

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