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Mar 06, 2017 · Original question: “Gays, Why do you prefer Men over women, What do you like about being with another male?” First, your question is worded incorrectly, to my view. It's not that I prefer men “over” women. I simply like men. Women don't really ent.

I prefer gay porn because I find the moans of the women in straight porn really off putting. Don’t know why, just weirds me out a lot. 5. Makes Sense. I read more gay male erotica than I watch gay porn, but what I noticed most about gay porn compared to straight porn is .

All gay men are obviously easier to trust because they don't have hidden sexual or romantic intentions when they talk to women, which is why women prefer them as friends. As a woman, I find most.

Jan 14, 2015 · A gay man can truly love a woman, have satisfying and regular sex with her, and want to stay married to her while being uninterested in other women .