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Of course we are talking about vintage Hawaiian, tiki, and tropical prints. But also consider vintage fashion in the juicy colors of tropical papaya, guava, kiwifruit, mango and pineapple to add some vitamin SEE to your routine. This week we bring the tropics to you, with a punch of brilliant colors and prints!

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Vintage Fashion and Textile Show Not Just Clothing and Fabric. When a show starts out strong and grows and diversifies each time it runs the results are gratifying for all concerned. In it's 28th season, Mondays, May 13 and September 2, 2019, the Sturbridge Vintage Fashion and Textile Show is experiencing this growth pattern.

Jan 27, 2012 · While fashion trends come and go quicker than you can say "Anna Wintour is styling out that banana print", vintage business owners aren't worried that the styles of the past will fall out of favour.Author: Jo-Ann Fortune.