- definition of iron fist


definition of iron fist

iron fist. phrase [usu PHR n] An iron fist policy or approach is one which deals with people and situations in a very strict and cruel way. The iron-fist policy towards the fundamentalists is .

The figure slowly raised his iron fist and shook it with a terrible menace. Iron Fist has been a major force in the Marvel Universe for 30 years, combining the action and adventure of a Marvel Super Hero(R) with the skill and grace of a martial artist.

What does iron fist mean? iron fist is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Used in reference to the exercise of power in an oppressive or ruthless way.

an iron fist 1. A particularly severe, forceful, and uncompromising manner of ruling, governing, etc.. Tom is in for it now with his wife.