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Sharing My Boys: The Memoirs of a Horny Mother By Sir Cum Sizemore. At times I make up reasons to physically examine their tallywackers and ball sacks. I also informed him he would be kept naked when he wasn't in school so members of the community could see one of my "masterpieces"-one of my most interesting creations was going on.

Dec 02, 2010 · Eventually my cousin and I gave her our shorts, and are always naked unless she lets us wear them, and we have to give them back whenever she says. Her motivation for us being nudists is the same for us being shirtless, and she would keep us naked 24/7 if it were possible. So, my mom sees me naked all of the time, and it's no big deal.

Man after man fucked Rita. They were totally naked now. Rita looked at the sea of stiff hard pricks and was delighted. What a wonderful way to get pregnant! Rita was having a small climax every few minuets and she was waiting for the big one where she would squirt all over the place.

Naked at Home Ch. 01 having her son be naked in the house. Of course, though, she had seen both of her children naked many, many times before. But that had been quite a long time ago. But, after all, as long as he kept his eyes averted from Mary, it actually wasn't that entirely horrible. After the initial shock was over, one could.