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Discrimination Mormon racism in perspective A look at how far Mormons have come on the race issue and how much further they can possibly go on the sex and orientation issues. Change in support for same-sex marriage over time This trend will continue. Nationally, a majority of people under age 30 support same-sex marriage.

There is a misconception that asexual people are never in sexual situations and therefore cannot be sexually assaulted. Some, such as sociologist Mark Carrigan believe that asexual discrimination is more to do with marginalisation, and that a lot of it is a result of .

It can, however, also be against heterosexual people. A related term is sexual prejudice, a negative attitude toward someone because of her or his sexual orientation. This bias is not the same as homophobia, but rather is the discrimination towards or against certain sexual orientations.

Behind the Mormon Church's Ironic Defense of Discrimination referring to a new provision in the LDS Handbook I then disclosed to him that I was a gay man and was actively sexual with other Author: C Brian Smith.