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What is vaginal prolapse repair? Organs will prolapse (fall out) when there is damage to the connective tissue causing a loss of support due to gravity or an increase in abdominal pressure with exertion. Symptoms can range from pelvic heaviness or pressure, to subtle discomfort with intercourse, to tissue actually bulging past the vaginal opening.5/5(37).

About Vaginal Rejuvenation. Vaginal Rejuvenation is a category of procedures for enhancing vaginal muscle tone, tightening the vagina and strengthening the perineal body. There are surgical and non-surgical options available. News about Vaginal Rejuvenation in Riverside.

Vaginal & Rectal Repairs. Below is a guide to all of the vaginal and rectal repair procedures offered by Greenville OB/GYN. Explore the topic areas, read the brief descriptions of the procedures, and click through to learn more specific information about preparing for the procedure, and what you should expect after the procedure.

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