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Effects of sperm competition on human mating strategies. High levels of sperm competition among the great apes are generally seen among species with polyandrous (multimale) mating systems, while lower rates of competition are seen in species with monogamous or polygynous (multifemale) mating systems.

Sperm competition is an evolutionary pressure on males, and has led to the development of adaptations to increase males' chance of reproductive success. Sperm competition results in a sexual conflict of interest between males and females.

Nov 21, 2000 · The evolutionary dynamics of this system depend on the existence of pleiotropic effects, and deleterious effects on female survival might be retained if these effects are correlated with advantages to the male in mating and sperm-competitive abilities.Cited by: 201.

In species where females mate with multiple males, the sperm from these males must compete to fertilise available ova. Sexual selection from sperm competition is expected to favor opposing adaptations in males that function either in the avoidance of sperm competition (by guarding females from rival males) or in the engagement in sperm competition (by increased expenditure on the ejaculate).Cited by: 12.