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California Megans Law stable assessment of sex offenders

The only exception was the second stable assessment significantly contributed beyond the first stable assessment for the prediction of sexual recidivism during the following 12 months. This finding is consistent with expectations, but should be treated cautiously because it was based on only six sex crime recidivists. Acute variables.

The sexual recidivism rate for this widely disparate group of community-based sexual offenders was 7.6% after 3 years (n = 790). Empirically based changes in scoring were recommended, and this research led to the development of two improved dynamic risk measures, the STABLE-2007 and ACUTE-2007 instruments.

SORAF is a web-based assessment management system designed for large-scale deployment of sex offender risk assessment instruments, namely Static-99, Stable-2007, and Acute-2007, across multiple jurisdictions, with central administration, multi-level control and reporting.

Sex Offender Risk Assessment Adopted by the ATSA Executive Board of Directors on August 30, 2012 Definitions (in brief) Risk Assessment: The use of various tools or instruments typically based on scientific evidence, to estimate an offenders’ potential for reoffending or causing harm to others and potential causes or sources of that risk.